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Hi Guys, 

There was a post about this a few years back and I called a bunch of those numbers and they were disconnected. 

I'm re posting to maybe get some fresh input.

I just recently purchased two duplexes in the East Nashville area. 

Does anyone have input on good property managers we can utilize? Guys who are really able to find high quality tenants (do appropriate credit / criminal checks) and do good / solid work. 

If anyone has any personal recommendations I would love to give them a call. 


I am currently renting a house in Nashville and working with Associa Morris Property Management.  I can only speak to their tenant relations but here's what I think.

They seems to be really good when it comes to dotting the i's and crossing the t's when it comes to leases and the legal side of things.  They also have great handymen that are very prompt, easy to work with, and know what they're doing.  They are just okay when it comes to the rental management itself.  I actually had to start communicating with the manager of that department directly because the person I was working with wouldn't get back to me in a timely fashion.

When I moved in the house was dirty and badly needed to have many interior walls repainted.  Neither of those things were done but that may be because of the owner and not the property management company.  I guess when you have a paying tenant, who cares if it's dirty or if the paint on the walls looks terrible.  If I owned the property I would take better care of it but again, that may be the choice of the owner and not the management company.

I was given a reference to Grand Canyon Properties from a guy in the local REIN group but haven't spoken with them yet.  They came highly recommended so you should give them a call.  Here's their website URL:

@Tutti Patel I've got a guy that I just started using and another investor / mentor that I know uses the same guy. His name is Keith Ridley. He's an investor and property manager. I like him because every Friday, I get a spreadsheet on my property (repairs that need to be done, late rent etc). He's also great about maximizing rent but still get high quality tenants. He also doesn't get paid unless there is a tenant in the property. If you want his contact pm me

@Dan S.

Thanks Dan! I will contact grandcanyonproperties and see if they do residential management. 

I appreciate the input

Another option is Crye-Leike Property Management.  I haven't worked with them so I cannot vouch for them but their rates seem competitive.  Here is their website:

@Tutti Patel I often work with Renew TN located in East Nash. Staff is always prompt w/any issue. Great w/communication when need which is lacking from other companies. Feel free to use me as a referral. 

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