Never flipped or use real estate as a tool for wealth.

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I am in my mid 50's.  I have $5k set aside to begin R/E  Investing.  I want to do Wholesaling, just simple find the property, flip it to a rehabber.  This small bit of money is all I have to get going,  I am disabled and desparately want to get out of the  "under $25k"  economic prison cell.  I live in Clarksville Tenn.  I also feel to look into Tax lien property working but for some reason find it confusing.   Please help me if you can.

  I also wish to begin by  Fixing my credit, and gathering whatever Assets and value I have.  i have missed several great oppurtunities by not knowing what I had to work with.


James Staples V

@James Staples I am surprised no one has responded yet.  

Yes wholesaling is simple in concept but it is real work. It is hard for a real estate investor to find good deals. It is even harder to find a deal that is so good another investor will pay more for it.  

I specialize in tax liens. Yes they can be confusing. In concept they are simple but the devil is in the details. it tend s to be very competitive at bigger auctions. So much so I can't compete. If you want to pursue it I suggest you learn the laws for your area and go to the smaller auctions where there might not be as much competition.  - Good luck