Looking for Property Management in McKinney Texas

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Hi Folks,

Do you happen to know a good and reliable PM around McKinney Texas? Please let me know as I plan to purchase my second rental property (SFR) in McKinney Texas.



I live near to McKinney and manage my own rentals with a partner. I don't have property manager referral but have a word of caution from my experience. We had a property manager who was mismanaging properties by getting low quality tenants and not taking care of their maintenance issues in a timely manner. Getting rid of this manager and taking control of situation was more work than evicting a tenant. It's just our luck that no tenant sued us for lack of maintenance. Interview your property manager and make sure you are comfortable trusting them your property.

I recommend Butler Property Mgmt. Will Butler is the owner and he is actively involved and takes pride in growing his business. They are based in Richardson. I've got 3 units under management with him and his team is good. Two units are in Plano. Let him know I recommended you. PM me for his # or google it. 

I have no affiliation nor prior experience with, but these 2 companies I have jotted down as 2 companies I will explore further are:

1) Renter's Warehouse - renterswarehouse.com (heard advertisement on local sports radio station)

2) Premier Property Management - ppmgtexas.com

@Krishna Chava : Thanks for the cautions, Krishna. I will make sure to interview the property thoroughly. Do you mind to PM the name of the property manager so I can put him or her on my watch list?

@Jason Jones : Thanks Jason. I will check out the Butler Property Mgmt. Please rest assure, I will mention that you recommended me.

@Tim Koger : Thanks Tim. I saw these two Property Mgmts. during my research.  Renter's warehouse is fairly pricy thought.

Does anyone have any experience with Tom's Property Mgmt?


Hi @Phat Vi

This property manager is not in business anymore. I will PM you the name just in case.

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