Foundation Repair San Antonio

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The best is VERY subjective. I have used All Foundation for some jobs and I have used CJ House Leveling. Both do the job. Very comparable in price also. both great people to work with.

@Betty Cruz what do you think here?  Got any suggestions for @Jeremy Robles .  Jeremy, also if you haven't already, try finding some good real estate groups in your area (well, if you live in San Antonio that is).  There are several that meet and getting plugged in locally will help you with this sort of a thing.  If you don't live there locally then join the San Antonio Real Estate Facebook group.  There's a couple of those too and being linked there will help in that fashion as well.  Good luck!

@Jeremy Robles I recently went through this exercise to overhaul a cedar post (pier & beam) foundation on my personal residence. I received quotes from a host of the "name" companies in the area. I'd highly suggest educating yourself a bit independently before you start getting quotes. Once you're comfortable with some basics, you'll be able to compare/contrast their bids armed with some solid knowledge. I ultimately ended up going with a contractor referral on my team & I was extremely pleased with the quality and scope of work they took on. If you'd like their contact information, feel free to shoot me a note!