REI clubs in western WI?

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@Quentin Moller and @Shawn Keenan , we launched the Western Wisconsin and La Crosse area REIA just over two years ago. We usually meet the second Wednesday of each month.

Recently, our meetings moved to a virtual format. They’re still on Wednesdays, but not always the second Wednesday of the month.

Adam Hoffer, thats great info.  I'm still in the midst of finishing up projects around our house we built and moved into end of last year.  i've got my fingers crossed that this winter i'll have the projects completed to a point where I can start to dedicate more time to investing.  That is when i'm hoping to get more involved in this group.   i'll reach out this winter if that works out.  Thank you

Yes they are. If you PM me your email address, I will add it to my contact list when I send out the meeting information.