Investing in the Hattiesburg MS Area

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Hello everyone. I am currently placing a home under contract in the hattiesburg area of MS but I am currently out of state. Can anyone please give me some advice on the area? Are there any investors that actively work that area I don't see many post about it. 

Originally posted by @Darron Stewart :

Im there, questions?

Hi Darron. What are the price points investors are buying in that area near the University? it's a 3/2 with minimal repair needs. Current owner has had strong consistent rents for the home for over 9 years renting to the college students. ARV is 120k repairs coming in at around 10-15k

It all depends on location.  What are you getting it for?  Ouch, to me 10-15k is not minimal repairs in this location, I get fixers for 45-85 and put 5-10 in them, my rents are 1000-1500.