Short Sale Tax Payoff?

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Has anyone successfully negotiated a lower payoff for a county, city, or IRS tax lien?

Please tell about it here!

Im sure the answer is specific to your area. In Bexar County (San Antonio, TX) tax liens are not sold by the County or the City. The back taxes are either paid in full or monthly until current and there is no authority to negotiate an amount that is less than what is due.  The County Tax Assessor (who also collects city taxes) will accept payment on the full amount of back taxes from anyone. Only after a property has been foreclosed on by the County with no bidders at the auction, and title taken by the County, may there be an opportunity to pay less than the taxes owed through a "tax re-sale" auction where the bids start lower than what is owed. Not legal advice. 

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May happen as Jason alludes to but its very rare.. and with the reality of many inner city dead and dying towns its a real issue.. property is not worth what the tax's are owed so the properties just sit there and gather mold and dust and deteriorate.. I don't think the taxing authorities ever thought the day would come that homes would only be worth 500 dollars like they are in many inner city hoods.. and tax's are 5 to 20k... its an issue of social concience

Yes, no, and yes.  I however have not done it since the 1980's.  Good luck it seems to take forever.  I have never done it outside of Wyoming.

City and county taxes, no.  They are what they are.  IRS liens are not a big deal to get released in a short sale, with no payment, assuming it really is a short sale, excluding the lien.

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