How do investors get homeowner phone #

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If you list on craigslist, zillow, or almost any real estate sites and post your phone number they can get from there. They can also pull address and names from tax records and then cross reference with, or other similar sites. You can add your phone number to the do not call registry and it can help keep them from cold calling you, at least the ones that will follow the law. 

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They tell me that they get my number from List Serve. I hate this very much.

Since they aren't calling you to Sell you something, it's likely the DNC list is Not effective in stopping people who want to BUY something from you (your house for instance). But if you text them STOP then you can have a complaint against them if they continue calling or texting.  I text them to "STOP", that way I have a date stamp on when I sent the Stop command and I then use the blocking feature on my phone so I don't get a second call from that number. That seems to work.


What the Registry Doesn’t Do

Will the Registry stop all unwanted calls?

No. The Do Not Call Registry stops sales calls from real companies. The Registry is a list that tells telemarketers what numbers not to call. The FTC does not and cannot block calls. The Registry can’t stop calls from scammers who ignore the Registry.

Can a company still call me with a sales pitch?

Companies can call you if you’ve recently done business with them, or if you’ve given them written permission to call. But if you ask them not to call you, they have to stop.

Are any other types of calls still allowed under FTC rules if I’m on the Registry?

The rules allow: