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Have my first few properties under contract in Little Rock and hoping someone can recommend a good insurance provider for flips and rentals?

I have been using Centennial's office in Jacksonville, AR for flip and rentals.  It was started by an old high school friend as Insurance Mart and was recently acquired by Centennial.  I can call Jessica from the courthouse and have coverage in place before the locksmith meets me at the property to change the locks.

@Jared Cornelison there is no one fit all for this.  what if the property is in flood zone?

are you talking single family or multi family?  if single family how large? etc. 

over all Insurance and Taxes are relatively low in Arkansas. I second @Rachel Fazio on this. 

If you don't want to call them you can get a quote online or i can provide you with an email for the rep i work with. 

What @Hadar Orkibi said. Plus it depends on what type of coverage you buy, replacement vs. ACV, etc. I've gotten enough estimates on my properties to know that for me it costs less than $50/month, typically, but YMMV depending on your properties and preferences.

I usually take the Landlord cover option, it is good cover in case that you have a loss of rent. Business interpolation cover.

Single family is not my main focus but you maybe talking about $550? (@Rachel Fazio ) per year for cover of say standard 1200sqf house?

For multi family 2-4 it is about $400-$450 per door.

@Hadar Orkibi - We're saying about the same thing using different words. < $50/month = about $550/yr. I get billed monthly though, so I tend to think of it more that way. My duplexes are a little more than $50, my SFHs usually a little less. 

 @Hadar Orkibi & @Rachel Fazio - I owe you two a BIG thank you for the NREIG recommendation.  You just saved me a few thousand dollars.  The roof on our latest rental isn't pretty, but it's in decent shape, and our roofer recommended that we repair instead of replace it when we bought the property last month.  Our insurance  carrier sent someone to view the property last week and decided that they were going to drop our coverage, unless we replaced the roof.  I checked with NREIG, and they are insuring it for about the same price and without requiring a new roof.  

We didn't get an estimate, but even for a small house and 3-tab, it still probably would have run over $3,500.  Disclaimer: my wife handles the rehabs, so my estimates are suspect :)   I owe both you and Rachel dinner.

@Mark Rogers - You're welcome! I actually had a similar situation happen. I have some of my properties with Allstate (up to their limit of 4) and some with NREIG. Allstate has given me crap about a roof a few times (um, a good 3 years of life left, thank you!) so I've switched those properties to NREIG. 

Thanks for the NREIG tip as well guys!  Been shopping for new insurance while trying to close the deal on my first multi-family and I'm going to check them out next. 

Also, for the newbie over here, @Hadar Orkibi what does this mean: 

"I usually take the Landlord cover option, it is good cover in case that you have a loss of rent. Business interpolation cover."

Thanks in advance for the knowledge! 


@Josh Crockett it means that if, for example) you have fire in the property and the place burnt down the insurance company pay you the "rent loss" you you suffered because of it. Usually they only cover for 6 month dough. 

it is an extra charge but well worth it IMHO

@Jennifer Figueroa I entered escrow on a handful of houses in Little Rock but no deals worked out for a variety of reasons - liens, excessive mold/fungus, sellers changing their mind, etc. It was bizarre. I soon realized I was stretching myself too thin by trying to expand into another market so soon and returned my focus to Birmingham AL. 

 I use NREIG  for insurance on all my rentals and flips in Birmingham AL and am happy with them.