Starting a Meet-up Groups in Los Angeles

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Hey Guys,

I have noticed that the closest meetup events for The Greater Los Angeles Area are always in Riverside. I want something closer to my areas of operation (military term) and I have found 2 locations I can use. One in Downtown LA, and the other in Culver City. (2 more possibilities is Hollywood & The Valley)

    Wanted to see if any other members here would be interested in participating? I have found that too many groups are just way too pitchy or are trying to sell some MLM nonsense that is not even related to Real Estate.

      If this sounds like something you are interested in please leave a comment stating with the following information below. I will start to calendar some dates.

      1. Area, 
      2. Day(s) of the week you can meet up
      3. Frequency you'd like to meet

      Looking forward to meeting up with you all soon.



        @Ruddy Anthony Salazar I'd be interested in meeting, get to know others and talk RE. I'm not for the pitching thing either. The valley would be great for me since I'm in Simi Valley. @Jolene Blazey held one last month but I was unable to make it. Maybe she would be interested in this as well. 

        The weekends would work or Thursday night. A couple times or once a month would be good. 

        Hope this helps!

         I would most definitely be interested in a meet up in downtown LA

         Weekends or Thursday night would work best for me as well. 


        Hi @Ruddy Anthony Salazar

        There is a free BP meetup in Santa Monica the second Saturday of every month.  It's not sales pitchy at all.

        It starts at 11am and goes for a couple of hours.  Don't forget to bring your business cards because there's a lot of opportunity to network there.  It's located at 

        The UnUrban Cafe, 3301 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica

        Hope to see you there!


        Thanks for the mention @Shawn Ward .  My fiance and I started the south Los Angeles meetup after we purchased our duplex south of USC.   Since the beginning we've been focusing on meeting with like minded people to help each other.  No sales pitch included.   Santa Monica is a great meetup as well.  There's some great guidance for purchasing out of town properties.  

        I'm a commercial real estate broker based out of downtown and I'd be happy to see another group formed in downtown to address the other areas outside of south Los Angeles.  The south Los Angeles meeting is held on the 3rd Saturday at 10 AM.   So any day/time outside of that works.  Maybe the 1st Saturday at 10 or 11 am?

        @Khoa P. Hey thanks for the info. Would definitely be interested in checking it out.

        @Shawn Ward Sweet, thanks for letting me know about @Brandon Foster 's meeting. I would definitely come out and support. DTLA is one that I am definitely wanting to do because I have a great spot on Spring & 5th.

        @Brandon Foster That can probably work. DTLA seems to be the most popular right now and it's the area I have the best spot for. 

        Thanks for the suggestions and input. I will keep everyone posted. Keep the thread going!

        @Ruddy Anthony Salazar - Let me know if/when you create your meetup.  I'll try to do what I can do to support you.

        @Brandon Foster - I live in South LA and would be interested in attending your meetup as well.  You mentioned the date and time but didn't mention a location.  Where is it typically held?

        I am in Culver City and will attend.  Once a month is good. Most days are fine. 

        I would attend a meet up in downtown or the valley!

        Maybe a new meet up that isn't on a Saturday could be a good way to go. Adds more variety and also people could go to both Saturday and weekday events if they like. 

        Culver City would be awesome as well, but happy to come support wherever you decide.

        @Ruddy Anthony Salazar we might be one of the closest ones to you. Just out here in northridge. 15-20 mins depending what part of Sylmar you're in. Ours are every 3rd Thursday of the Month. 6:30-8:30pm. Potluck. Parking is on Reseda or Rayen. 

        @Jerry Murphy  I have a place in Culver already, I am just trying to see if I can find a spot with better parking. It's not bad as far as Culver City Goes but we shall see.

        @Krissy Mussenden  Doing them during the weekdays is the plan. I also think that different parts of the city attract different people. So that is why I am working to setup a few in key locations.

        @Gerard Watson   I'll make a note of it.

        @CJ Berina Thanks, I'll check it out. I am usually all over town and I noticed that some people don't like to venture too far out so that's why I am considering starting a few in different places.

        Hi @Ruddy Anthony Salazar

        I am in the valley too .
        I am an L.A native and have lived in many parts of L.A but live in the West Valley .

        Would prefer sometime Monday -Friday

        Take care ,

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        Who's going to Santa Monica meetup this Saturday at 11am?

        I’d be interested if it doesn’t meet weekends during the day.

        I'm in the east valley.

        Any day works.

        Once a month.

        @Khoa P. The meetings are usually held next to Vermont Square Library (1201 W 48th St).  However, on March 17 at 10 am we are meeting at a member's flip in West Adams.  Address is 2624 7th Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018.  She did an awesome job with the flip.  You should come and check it out.  

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