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Can anyone enlighten me what resource they use for real estate market forecasts? I'm primarily interested in multi-families across San Diego county. It would great to find a resource that lays out where projected economic shocks will hit each city and possibly a format that presents where rents are expected to appreciate the least/most. I use a couple of websites but nothing that provides in depth analysis. Thanks in advance.

@Casey Murray

Not sure exactly how in depth you're after, but I get the San Diego Source and San Diego Business Journal sent to my inbox everyday.  They are good overviews of the general economy, with the source more focused on real estate trends.  

Also, the NSDREI maintains a pretty solid economic data sheet that they update monthly for the meetings.  But, they will only send it out via email to members (a very strong reason I am planning on joining).  But, even in there I have yet to see anything rent specific.  

I have been looking for this info recently, and I am with the SDCAA, which has to have that data compiled being that its purpose is for unification and representation for Property Managers and Independent owners.  

Tell you what, I will reach out to them and when I find it, I will pass it on to you. And you send over whatever you find and we'll call it even.    

I do not know what they use to derive their numbers but Zillow has a 1 year forecast for price and rent.  

There are numerous resources for general economic predictions.  

The UT about a week ago had an article that indicated what rents had increase in the past year in San Diego county and implied that they were expected to continue to rise. The article mostly was about REI buying property and raising the rent and the hardship on the tenants.

@Parker Cox I've been the same with NSDREI group with being on the fence in joining. I've been a couple of times and really liked it. The best sources I use are the SD Union Tribune (as mentioned by Dan below) and SDAR. I'll keep digging and let you know the results.

@Dan Heuschele UT is a great source but one big aspect of real estate investing is having the knowledge of projected events that will impact the economy and thus the real estate market. UT only covers what's happening at the moment, no forecasts.

@Parker Cox - although the link below is short and sweet, it provides a great summary of rental info across San Diego county for mid-year 2015. I refer to their resources tab a decent amount for market data.