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Now that I have another building, I have a new found quest to be more professional about my landlording and RE investing, I've often thought that having a dedicated room in my house as an office only would focus me better. I currently have a desk in a room that shares other activities. Things aren't as organized as they should be. I do have the room to do it.

I'm aware of the tax benefit side of doing this, but that's not my motivation, it's to be more focused and professional.

For smaller investors like me, did the move to have a dedicated office help your focus and professionalism in your RE activities?

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I’ve actually worked out of my home for the past 8 years. Takes a lot of self-discipline and focus!! The benefits far outweigh the downside of being at home, alone every.single.day. It helps me save time and money as I’m not driving to and from work and that’s a lot of gas saved. I also don’t eat out for lunch and things like that, it all adds up. Can’t speak to professionalism as I mostly work in my pj’s!! SO not professional like HAHA!

Yes for me it helps.  If you are are an entrepreneur minded person we should never discount a good place to find yourself.

This is a good quote...  "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?"  Albert Einstein


Hi Arnie, I agree with Amanda, it definitely takes ALOT of discipline to work from home as there are so many distractions to allure you from your primary focus. (Did I feed the dog? gotta check the mail, grab another cup of coffee, maybe I'll fix myself a snack too!... lol) That's how I used to be, at one point I considered using a basement apartment on one of my family's rentals as an office to physically get out of MY home. I've found that if I drag myself out of bed, shower and get dressed professionally to go to my office (now the next bedroom) will help me get the work vibe going. As appealing as working in my PJ's sounds, getting ready to go to work sets the tone for the day and works for me. Hope that helps!

It's all about structuring your day and sticking to a routine for me.  I'm up and in the gym by 5, home and showered by 6:30, make breakfast and send my wife off to work by 7:15, then I knock out my menial tasks (email/voicemail follow ups, etc.) and by 8 or so I'm ready to do whatever it is I need.  By 3 or so I'm usually done with everything on my revolving to-do list, so I try to get a jump start on tomorrow.

That's just what I do.  Actions become habits, habits become the norm.  It was tough at first but now if any part of my routine goes out of whack I lose my mind!  I had to replace a flat tire on my car at the dealership the other day, which took all of about 1 hour of time total, and I felt like I lost the entire day!

I have a day job but when I got serious about investing I finally unpacked my "office," which was basically being used for storage. I bought a big white board for one wall, set up my desk, built a book shelf, etc. When I'm relaxing, I'm probably in front of the TV, laptop on the coffee table, and totally incapable of getting anything productive done. When I need to be productive, I move the laptop into the office with the desk and get to work. There is very purposely no TV in the office.

Since I've always had a day job to "go to," I have a really hard time working from where I relax and live my life. Even the 20ft "commute" to my middle bedroom home office is a very important distinction for me.

@Arnie Guida  If you are already working from home and just considering creating dedicated space, go for it!  

It's hard to stay focused at home, but if you can carve out a dedicated office space within your home, it helps.  In my last house, I used a bedroom as a dedicated office.  Then I had twins, and I had to move my office in the living room.  Then I also had the babies' play space, living room furniture and a double pack n play taking up space in the living room.  It was so hard to work there!  In my new house, I have a dedicated office on the first floor right by my front door.  It has french doors on it, so I can lock everyone out if I need to.  I love it!

The first thing I'm gonna do once I move into my own place is set up one of the rooms as an office. Likely there will be extra space left over in the room. I'll probably set up book shelves and other types of shelving to hold all the misc. crap that might build up over time. Binders, extra supply cache, long term filing cabinets, etc. Maybe an extra table.

Being dirt poor in this business with insufficient space sucks. All business stuff has to be mish-mashed with everything else. I want to keep my business stuff separated from everything else so that when I'm not engaging in business I'm not thinking about it, and when I am engaging in business I'm not thinking about other stuff. Mental real estate is priceless, I learned this in World of Warcraft where I made dedicated characters for my auctioneering and dedicated storage guilds/chars for my warehousing of supplies. When I play my "real" characters I don't think about any of that crap, it's just all fun.

I will also use separate computers for business and everything else. Maybe separate phones once enough $ is rolling in.

Absolutely...I love mine & my wife has 2 offices of her own.

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