how many projects at one time?

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hi all

I do 1-2 project a yr, and not at one time. Cash deals.

It may be because my projects are pretty heavy on our cash flow. I do high end flips. Or do buy-hold. When we do buy-hold it will be 1 deal that year.

But having said that right now 1 deal a yr is all I can handle. Because my buy holds need maintenance and stuff happens.  

I wonder when you start getting into multiple deals do u have a team... At what # did you need another set of hands?

I am a buy and hold investor. This year I am trying to close on 4 of my own homes. Since I work with short sales I like to have lots of houses at different states, but try to make sure that they do not come up at the same time to fill. Although some over lap is great so you can show tenants multiple houses. Everyone loves "options".

@Jennifer Lee    If your projects are using up all your cash, why not try a hard money lender, portfolio lender, or a private investor to fund the deals?  

OPM (other people's money) is one of the most powerful tools in real estate investing.

@Ryan Billingsley  I also use OPM lol I like big projects hahhaha crazy. That's why I don't have much in competiton

I hired more hands when I had more deals.  :D  About ten years ago we had ramped up direct mail marketing.  At first, we only had one house at a time, and then as we sent out waves of marketing materials, we got more and more phone calls, which led to more deals.  We had to hire out more help.  I was buying subject to the existing mortgage, and used credit cards to rehab back then.  

@Kerry Baird.  How many projects would you work on at once.?

I just want to work on one at a time.  Buy one distressed home, rehab, rent and look for another one.  My other job takes up most of my time.  I enjoy the whole processes so with limited time i don't bite off more than I can chew.   

If you're doing the rehab yourself and are new, sure, 1 deal at a time. 

My partner has done about 1000 deals in our city and has several crews doing 4-5 at once. Most of our stuff is minor to partial rehab then resold owner finance $5k down. Pretty quick and easy stuff, 60k houses usually. 

We tell our big CA buyers, if you do onesies and twosies, it's going to take you a long time to build wealth. It's better to buy 10 distressed houses at once and do them all  if you have the capital or hard money to work with. Get those 10 sold in 6 months and make 10-20k per each, that's 100-200k, or 12-14% cap on a buy and hold (owner fi so no maintenance). That's how the big boys and ladies build wealth!

Hi Jennifer,

Greeting from Seattle,
How often do you do new construction and how has it worked out for you compared to flip / remodel? I understand you do high end houses, i would love to know your stories.


@Tri Ly  

The only new construction I've done is a live in flip ;) that was only because I wanted to do a new construction.

But after my current townhouse/duplex flip project, I want to do a construction one. Commercial for buy hold lease. Or do additions.

New construction residential I can't afford. And it's a building frenzy here.

I flip higher end in comparison to my investor clients. I go into grade A or B neighborhood and fix up the older stale homes. My margin is smaller than my investors.

My investor buys grade C or D for cash flow rentals. Or flips.

@Account Closed  In response to your question, we are rebuilding our business after having relocated here to southern California a few years back. We are licensed general contractors, licensed real estate brokers and agents, and a licensed electrical contractor. In addition, one of our partners (and son) does all the preliminary site and architectural design.

We buy and hold SFRs. In 2013 we bought, rehabbed and rented out one home. The goal for 2014 was two. We bought 5, and closed on the 6th the first week of 2015.

#1 was bought in Feb. & is a complete gut job. We work on it between other projects. It is still in progress.
#2 was bought in April and rented 5 weeks later after a major rehab.
#3 closed 2 weeks after #2 was rented. It was done and rented in Sept.
#4 needed very little work. Closed the last week of Aug., rented Sept 15.
#5 closed in Dec. Rented Feb. 1.
#6 is just started. We hope to have this one and #1 rented by April 1.

Since we both have full time jobs at our own business, and we do much of the work ourselves, this was WAY too much at once. We vowed not to buy any this year, but I'm not sure we can keep that promise. People just keep offering us good deals . . .

But I would like to take a vacation this year!

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