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@Andrea Stewart i'd love to jump in and join you guys as well if you don't mind another. I've been looking a lot in West Sac for clients lately (which has made me look at it for myself), and would love to hear what others are looking at doing also. 25th at 10am works great for me.

I'm sorry, yes, the 25th of June :)

Let's plan for 25th at 10am @ Temple Coffee on K St then?  @Andrea Stewart - if you can figure out the reservation question that would be great!

So far we have the following BP'rs interested: @Vamshi Ananth@Jeremy Hanna@Brian Twigg, @Joe Bertolino , @Embert Madison jr and potentially @Pratik P.

Let us know who can make it, looking forward to meeting everyone :)

Yes!  I'd love to meet up with you guys. 

June 25th, 10am at Temple coffee works for me! 

Hi Everyone,

I am available this Saturday to meet up in Sacramento. I am going to Firestone Brewing Company in the evening. I won't be free until 4:00 pm. If anyone is interested in meeting and talking REI, I am free.

Please reply or send me a PM.

About me:

I am a newbie to REI. I started looking into RE beginning of this year. I am interested in house hacking in Yolo, Placer, or Sacramento county. Specifically in MFH's but open to SFH as well.

Welcome @Amir B. !  A gathering is planned for next Saturday the 25th since it works better for most of the group here, however, is you can gather a group for this Saturday as well, definitely go for it! :)

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