Property Management firms - 25 unit building - Oakland, CA?

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Greetings BPers,

Looking for recommendations of reputable property management firms with experience managing 25+ unit condo buildings in the Oakland, CA area.

Thanks in advance!


Hey Kali, Not sure if this will help but I learned of from Diana George a local real estate flipper and she recommended onerent. They charge 5% per month which is pretty unheard of in the bay area. I don't have any experience with them so dont' know of the quality but might be worth check it out.

Hi Kali, not sure if you ever received any response for Onerent but i very strongly, strongly, strongly suggest you stay very far from Onerent. Please read their BBB, BP, and Trustpilot reviews and you will not want to touch them with (20) 100 feet poles, they are a online virtual disaster. Please read their reviews and Beware!!!