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Hello my name is Christopher and I have wanting to invest in multifamily units for some time and and I finally got started obtaining the knowledge to help take my first steps.  I have been reaching out to multifamily property owners back east and reviewing rent rolls and maintenance cost, etc.  Is there any multifamily investors here in Orange County and would be willing to help me make heads or tails of all this information?  I have been to the FIBI meetings in Long Beach, Orange County and Prosperity through real estate meetings up in Culver city, as well as, Fortune Weavers over in Fountain Valley.

Hey @Christopher Hunter ! Welcome aboard! Check out the nearby members and network, it will help you a lot to find partners that can help you out in investing.

Hello @Christopher Hunter

Welcome! This is such a great website to be a part of! I help and show people how to use some of their savings to create streams of income through investing in multi-family assets. All of my units are in the east coast, and have acquired 28 total units so far with out partners/investors. I reside in Orange, would be more than happy to chat some more! Talk soon

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