Addition to Triplex in West Wash Park. Denver Design/Build Firm?

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Looking for preliminary advice/feasibility study on an addition to a triplex in Denver (West Wash Park, U-SU-B2 zoning code). Basically we have a 450ft2 studio attached off the back of a traditional side by side duplex. I'd like to pop the top and expand the footprint of the studio and possibly add a 2nd bathroom in order to convert it into a 2bed/2bath with long term goal of selling it as a townhouse (all 3 units are already individually deeded, individually metered with gas and electric, have their own furnaces and water heaters, etc.). Can anybody offer advice and/or recommend a good design/build company who would be familiar with this zoning code, not the most fancy expensive outfit but somebody capable and certainly not the cheapest? Looking to get an idea of whether or not this would be possible and if so ballpark estimate. 

Contact Jeff at Denver Design Build, or @Dorothy Ma is a fellow BPer and does design/build.

Thanks Matt

@Steve K. - sounds like the triplex is grandfathered in since the zoning is Single Unit now. Anytime you're adding square footage with Denver you'll need to go through zoning and make sure you meet the setback/bulk plane requirements and are still within the lot coverage requirements.  If you want to sell it as separate townhomes in the future, you might want to make sure the unit separations are correct fire rated and maybe do some of this work with the pop top.  I would suggest the best way to go about this is to have the feasibility/zoning study done first (which sounds like this is what you're thinking too), then get pricing for full permit drawings and the construction from a design/build firm.

Thanks Dorothy. I just started brainstorming this yesterday, we close on the property on the 12th and just wondering what will be possible down the road. Yes I was surprised to see the zoning is for single units now. I think that just changed recently with the new zoning because there are a lot of existing duplexes and multi families in the neighborhood. Single unit zoning makes existing multis more valuable I guess, nobody can build new ones there now. It was built as a duplex in 1910 and the studio attached on the back was added sometime mid to late century. I was hoping to pop the top on the unattached 3 car garage and add a 4th unit up there but unattached ADUs are not allowed. It’s looking like the best value ad will be improving the studio and hopefully converting it to a 2/2. Any thoughts on who I can speak with to help with a feasibility study? Do I just work with zoning for that or would the design/build people get involved this early in the process? Or an architect? Thanks again, Steve 

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