Forming A Team In Colorado Springs

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Hello Fellow BP Members! My wife and I will be moving to Colorado Springs next summer, along with my parents, to pursue our real estate investments full time. We love the Springs, and love investing, and can't wait to get there. My wife and I started a year ago and have been very fortunate to have a good start, with amazing people around us, and we'll also be working with my father, who is a full time investor of over 30 years.

In preparation, I'm scheduling multiple visits to COS to network, learn the market, and form a team to start working on acquisitions before we are fully moved. My first visit is booked, from October 15-October 27. I'll be attending a few MeetUps, a REIA meeting, and looking to meet as many people as possible. I am interested in meeting all investors, and specifically:

-Local agents who can help educate me on the market, hot rental areas, best schools and areas for families, etc.

-Flippers, and buy and hold investors, who are looking for properties and are serious buyers. 

-Wholesalers who might be willing to partner on a deal I find, as I will begin marketing in COS as soon as I get back. 

I'd like to schedule as much as possible while I'm there, and make sure everyone involved benefits from any deals we do together. If you're interested in meeting, I'm buying, and would love to meet! Please feel free to respond to this thread, or PM me. 

Hey Rob how's it going, I'm a wholesaler, I'm in CO for college and I'd love to meet up with fellow investors to network!

Hey @Rob Stein . Hope all is well.  My partner and I have been investing in businesses and real estate in the Northern Virginia market, and just made the move to the Springs last month.  I am licensed and Real Estate has been my full-time career for the past two years, my partner recently left her nursing job and is helping me scale the business now that we are planting roots here. 

Would love to connect and share how east coast markets can differ, but the experience will definitely benefit you in this market. Maybe we can connect on one of your pre-move visits. 

Best wishes, 


@Fritz Doublas that would be great! Saw your message, I'll reply back to you shortly.

@Ernest Chamblee , thanks so much for taking the time to comment, would be great to meet up when I'm in town. I have my trip booked for next month, I'll be there from Oct. 16 - Oct. 28. I'll send you a message to see if we can make it happen. Thanks!

Hello Rob

I am just getting started in real estate Investment. Retired from the military this past Jan and have started up a home inspection business, as well as doing some contracting overseas. Would like to meet up with you and others  and maybe help out in some way. Lived here since 2004.


@Tim Barnwell thanks so much for your post. I'll send you a message shortly, would be great to meet you when I'm in town in a few weeks.

I live in Colorado Springs and am looking to partnering on investments. Looking forward to seeing how we can help. 

My husband and I are largely buy and hold investors, sometimes using the BRRR method. We are currently buying our properties from wholesalers. We would be interested in partnering on flips. We've been investing for about a year and currently have 8 doors. Would love to meet up while your here and talk more.

@JJ Lopez , sounds great. I'll be in touch before I leave so we can schedule something. 

@Sarah Anderson thanks for posting, I'll send you a message shortly. Would be great to meet up!

Hello @Rob Stein ! Congrats on your pending move and you will love the Springs! My wife who is a licensed agent and I who invest are based out of south Denver but spend much of our time in the Springs (been down there 5 of the last 6 weekends and going down again today.) We’ve got a lot of military family based in the Springs that we have partnered on for some investments and still working on building a good network (with lots of help from fellow BPers.) Always interested in connecting with someone so DM me and maybe we can meet up when you are in town!

@Buckner Toney thanks for your post! Awesome to meet another investor in the area on BP, I'll definitely get in touch the week before I leave so we can meet up! Enjoy your day in the Springs :) 

Welcome to CO @Rob Stein ! If you want any suggestions for good REI groups or wholesaler connections, just shoot me a message (text is actually better, # in profile). I've been in The Springs for 25 years, so if you want to grab coffee or lunch while you're in town this week, we can talk through what areas could potentially be a fit for what you're looking to do.

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