What are the Bridgeport War Zones (D class) and "C" Class areas?

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Hello all! I’m currently looking to buy a commercial multifamily in Bridgeport CT. I’m a New Yorker so this market is completely new to me and appears way safer than the Newark NJ market. I’m looking to identify all the C class areas in Bridgeport and avoid the D class warzones. I’m mostly going to rely on my agent, but I wanted some additional impute from you guys. If you’re investing in the revitalization zones in lower Bridgeport: East End, Eastside, South bend, Black Rock I would love to chat. Any impute would help. Thanks in advance, I look forward to connecting.

Hi @Sept Jones

Before I purchase a property, I always do my due diligence.  One of the first steps I take is to search address in Trulia, look at the crime map, and ensure the property is not in a high crime area(Dark blue).

There are tons of deals on the MLS in Connecticut where we invest.

I believe the key is to act quickly, know your numbers and your buying criteria .

If you know you want single families with 3 bed 2 bath, set up an alert for that and get your paperwork ready to offer once you find one that matches.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.