Jacksonville FL property managers.

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Hello all,

Looking for recommendations for property managers in Jacksonville FL. Flying in to JAX next week, and putting together a list of managers I would like to meet with.  Always like to have a face-to-face meeting before choosing a new manager.  



good luck @Tony Salvatore I hear they are far and few between in JAX.

Let us know how you getting on. I'm also seeking for the same.

Good Morning Everyone,

Match Made Realty is a professional property management company in Jax FL. They handle everything from tenant placement, monthly management, evictions, rent collections, maintenance, and so forth. Message me for their contact information!  

Also interested to hear about your findings @tonysalvatore

friends, I have been with Suncoast Pm for a few minths now and like their weeklies, speed of payments, and reaponsive customer service.  Only beenusing them a brief while and opted for hem as a sort of default option as they were the current PM when I bought the property.  As I am only with them for about six months, I have not had any issues or emergencies (thank heaven) but so far so good.

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There are some good and bad in Jacksonville.  Would love to hear what you found out.  Most of the big companies down here are owned by hedge funds or most of their portfolio is made up of their own group investments.  You might have more success with a smaller company.  You could be someone's big fish rather just another investor.  

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