Palm Coast Real Estate Market

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently looking at buying a new 2B/2B duplex in Palm Coast. Each unit is just under 1000 sqft. 

I would like to get peoples opinion on how the Palm Coast real estate and rental market is currently doing. As well as where people see the Palm Coast market heading in the next 5 years. And if there are any major current employers or possibilities of more jobs coming in the future.


Yes, I just answered this question in a previous post. it’s exploding as are most Florida towns but here - we have land for expansion, lots of homes in disrepair, prime for flipping for buyers who don’t want to wait to build. I’m originally from Miami / Ft Lauderdale where I exclusively worked with investors and flipped a few of my own during what I would describe as staggering growth, I’m having Déjà vu. It’s a hidden gem. As I mentioned in the previous post, Advent hospital just announced a new major hospital going in. University of North Florida opening a campus in our Town Center dedicated to Respiratory therapy. (Talk about meeting demand!) They are breaking ground on a cultural Arts District in the new Town Center as well. The list goes on. 
New Construction is taking place on just about every single street in Palm Coast. It's the second most affordable city in Florida. The last East Coast frontier as I like to call it ~ for buyers who desire an under-valued, highly rated, family-friendly coastal community that has a lot going for it and some not-so-good things too that I can fill you in on. 😐 I'm always scouring the area for outdated single-family's that meet 70% ARV minus repairs. You have to be ready to roll though because the good ones go same day. I'll be making a Rental Market Report on Palm Coast for investors soon so check back.