Investor Friendly Lenders in Florida?

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Hi All!

I'm looking at a property in Hialeah, FL that I'm seriously considering. Here's the problem: in order to close the deal, I'll probably need to borrow about 40K against my 403b. I think that if I close that deal, I can then refinance the entire thing through a local FL bank to get my 403b money back. My question then is: does anyone have suggestions for small FL-based banks that I should call for their consideration? I don't mind calling a dozen banks if I receive a dozen suggestions-I can do that leg work. I'm just looking for a starting place. I'd welcome any bank suggestions or even general comments on my situation.

Hope you all have a great New Year!


Here are two private lending companies that lend all over Florida. Tell them I gave you their info. I can't give you their contact info on this message board, but you easily google them and get to their websites: Lima One Capital & Secured Investment Lending.

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