Looking for Contractors and Inspectors in Chicago

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I am finishing the year with a multi-unit foreclosure deal in the Chicago area and I am looking for two special people:

1.  An inspector that can evaluate foreclosures that are in bad shape.

2.  A contractor that can work with me to bring these foreclosures back to life.  

The property is located in the West Town/Noble Square area and is in need of extensive floor, kitchen, and bathroom renovations. I am planning to do a few rehab deals in Chicago in 2017 so I am looking for consistent help. Please feel free to PM me any suggestions or reply direct here.

Thanks again!  

@Shray Goel I have been in the foreclosure business since 2008. If you are looking for a contractor feel free to get in touch with me. I can send you more of my info.
As far as an inspector goes. I use mike katula. Great guy. Tell him I sent you.

Thanks for the note.  I'll reach out to him today!

@Shray Goel

if you need more referrals, send me a PM. I got an inspector, not on BP, whom I have used on several projects. He used to work for a local builder here as well.

Very experienced, a little quirky (ha!) but very detailed orientated. 

I can help on the contractor end. Private message me if you're still looking.

PM's sent.  Thanks guys!

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