Moving Back to the State

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Hi everyone, 

I wanted to reach out to the BP community around the Indianapolis area to put out some feelers. I will be moving back to the state here in September and I am looking for opportunities in the Real Estate field. My wife and I will be moving back after about 4 years living out of the state. She already has employment lined up but I on the other hand do not. 

I want to take this opportunity to transition out of the industry I was in and into real estate. I have been spending time over the past year learning and growing but now have an opportunity to put all my time and effort into the field. I would appreciate any recommendations or insights into: job opportunities, partnerships, meet up and networking events. I have plenty of time to devote

I live in the state of indianapolis and can advise you something before your arrival. As I understand it, you want to practice on arrival in our state .. what exactly do you want to do in this industry? Do you want to build real estate or sell? 

Andy, what kind of Alexe did you mean? Can you have something mixed up? In my circle of contacts and business partners there are men called Alex. Perhaps you want to offer me something about real estate, do you have interesting projects? Ready to consider your options.

@Anton Lebedev @Andy Rumple  

Thank you both for reaching out in response to this thread. To answer both of your questions, I am looking to buy, not sell homes in the Indy market. I appreciate the offer to partner on wholesaling deals, but that doesn't align with my investment strategy. I am however interested in partnerships on deals and look forward to attending the meet up you host Andy 

What type of job opportunity are you seeking? What skills do you have? Are you looking at handyman kind of work, working for a property management team, working is your previous field?

Logan Petri and when are you going to return to Indianapolis? Have not you planned your move yet? Probably for a long time that you were in another city, you gathered a lot of things that will need to be transported when moving. I can advise you on a proven company himself personally used their services when he and his wife moved. Very good service and very inexpensive estimate their services.

I also spent a lot of time looking for work in real estate. I read a lot, asked, watched, wrote on the forums. Unfortunately, none of the proposed options did not interest me. Go, try yourself in every case. The more you try, the more experience. You will definitely find what you want! Try and listen to yourself.

@Logan Petry Welcome back to Indy! I recommend attending the 2 main local meetups CIREIA and INREIA. You can find these on Meetup app. There are other sub groups that meetup as well. Connecting with local investors and real estate service providers like agents and PMs would be a good starting point for you to help build your portfolio. Once you have your criteria set and know what you're expecting, it should be easier to have conversations with agents and get started.