Indianapolis Real Estate Trip

4 Replies | Indianapolis, Indiana

I'll be visiting Indianapolis next week to continue to bolster the team we have in place for our real estate investment endeavors.  I'm interested in meeting with real estate agents, wholesalers, property management companies, contractors, etc.  If you have any recommendations for any of the above that you recommend that I reach out to during my visit please pass their names on.  

God bless,

Arturo Colmenero 

Hello Arturo! I am a local investor and wholesaler in Indianapolis and would live to meet with you and have some contacts I can connect you with.  What is your main strategy? Flip? Buy/hold? Notes? Please let me know when you have some time on Tue or Wed afternoon. 

All the best!

Aaron would love to connect on my visit. In Indy we have been applying the BRRR method (5 properties) and are doing our first flip. We have only been investing here since April 2018 and would like to step up our investing. Would love to touch base with you to learn about the opportunities you are wholesaling.