Indianapolis contractor recommendation

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Can anyone recommend a contractor in Indianapolis? I have projects going on there from time. If you know one, or are one, let me know! I have a duplex on the east side that needs a light to medium rehab including a little bit of everything, including a new roof, and I'm taking bids now. I'm on a budget and my general philosophy is fix everything that's broken and no more. Thanks!

Kevin Your Handyman is the person I use.Found him on Home Advisor. PM me for contact info, or you can simply Google it. 
We have places on the east side as well... where are yours? I'm around the 10th/Emerson area and 24th/Arlington.

Thanks Shawn, good to hear from you. Mine are right around Emerson & 10th as well. Great place to invest in multifamily, which is mainly what I do.

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@Mike Day Same here. Multifamily seems to be the way to go. That's all we have there in Indy. I told Michelle (office manager) that you might be calling. Good luck!