Master off the kitchen???

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I'm looking at a home that has an addition off the back of the house(used as an enclosed porch) and is accessed through the kitchen. The home was built in the '50's and is a 3/1 without the ability to make it a 4/2 without converting the addition to the master suite. Seems weird to have the master off the kitchen though. What are your thoughts? Thx

I'd think not, that would be a dysfunctional traffic flow. Look to other areas like opening up the kitchen. Not knowing the property, can't say. Look too if it would be possible to move the kitchen in the addition and get a bedroom out of part of the old kitchen, but you can't walk through one room to get to another, room entrances need to come off of common areas like a hall or living space. You also don't want a plan that requires someone in a bedroom to go through a living space like a living room to get to a bathroom. Folks need to go from a bedroom to and from a bath without having to pass my the neighbor who popped in to borrow coffee. Consider privacy issues. :)

Yep, I'd agree that it's too weird to have a master off the kitchen. One of our golden rules is what @Bill Gulley mentions - no walking through one room to get to another (i.e. no walking through one bedroom to get to another one, and no walking through a kitchen to get to a bedroom). Functional obsolescence.

I don't know your area, but would it be valuable to add a half bath so you have a 3/1.5 instead? That tends to work where I am.

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