Granite quotes with pictures.

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I see such a huge range in granite prices on these forums. It obviously varies depending on quality and region but I think it would be helpful to see pictures with price quotes. 

I went looking for granite for my first rehab today and was quoted $57/ft for this level 2 astora:

That price is all inclusive(cutting/installation). Anyone on the east coast have any input? Is this a reasonable price?

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Thats a decent price, I recently got a low tier Uba Tuba, for $60 sqft.  But mine came with a free undermount sink and dishwasher mount kit.. 40 sq ft for 2450.. 

i am in virginia beach, va average 3br/2ba sell for 200-250k

You can go to Lowes or HD and get their entry level granite for $50/ft^2 installed.  I personally don't think $60/ft^2 is a good deal and would continue looking around.

Not sure if your labor is high or the material itself as you did not break that down.

I live in a high price area (CA) and labor costs are typically higher here than in other parts of the country, but comparable to East Coast. I pay $26 per sq. ft for fabrication and installation and I do not get charged extra for OG bullnose or mitered edge details.

For slabs, it depends if you get the jumbo slabs or regular, but I can buy jumbo slabs and net 60 sq. ft out of them and only pay $600-$750 for them. I can get Cesarstone at $900-$1100 per slab which nets out around 45 sq. ft.

So, it appears either your fabrication costs or your material costs are higher than average.

Thanks for all the replies everyone. I was doing a pretty small kitchen so I had to find a remnant that was suitable.  I went around to a few local places, probably should have checked out more. Like I said, the kitchen is small so it only ended up being $1,600 total. For a bigger kitchen I can see how it would add up.