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Looking for a good Hard money lender in Orange County. Jbl

@Lee Maneafaiga  

welcome to the site.

Theres a list of HML on the site. Click the resources tab

Thanks James looks like there are a few HML in my area. I will call a couple of them before I meet with my Realtor. Also if there is a mentor in the Orange County Cali. area, who wouldn't mind sharing some insights about the business with a newbie, maybe you have a renovation project in progress I can check out that would be awesome. Thanks

Welcome @Lee Maneafaiga

I will be starting a project next month in San Juan Capistrano.  You are welcome to stop by and ask questions if you wish.  Also, there is a local, free Orange County meetup that meets once a month primarily for networking. The next meeting is August 20th at 7PM at Round Table Pizza - 22722 Lambert St #1705 Lake Forest, CA 92630

Hope to see you there.

@Lee Maneafaiga  When looking for a hard money lender it's not necessary they be in your local area, as long as they loan in the State. Try Scotsmanguide too, they have a lot of lenders. 

@Joe Homs  what do you have going in SJC? 

Thanks Karen appreciate the info. Putting together a team for my rehabs and a good HML or private lender is vital.

thanks for the info. Joe looking forward to networking 

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