Omar Mahmood

08 January 2018

Joe is a very knowledgeable investor with an extensive amount of experience with the Southern California market. He is very straightforward and helpful. I presented him with my current deal and had found many missing items that needed to be addressed. I would strongly consider working with him as as a business partner within the Orange County real estate market!

Ryan Mitchell

05 January 2018

Joe is the most experienced investor that is active in the Orange County area. Joe has extensive knowledge in all aspects of real estate investing. Joe is also a licensed real estate agent and has been for 40 years. Joe is very generous with his time and always is always willing to help fellow investors. I've worked with Joe on several projects and have always been successful. Joe is a wealth of knowledge and is willing to let you in on some of his secrets on how to invest in the local market. Thanks Joe!

Dmitriy Fomichenko

07 April 2014

Excellent! He is a very honest and knowledgeable person who was easy to deal with. I would recommend him to ALL!

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