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Do you use standard colors for your walls or do you just paint everything white? 

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We paint everything a nuetral color. If a tenant want to paint a different color we allow them with our permission and at their cost and liability. This has worked very well for us.

Lately we have been using 2 tones of gray...  light gray for the walls and dark gray for the trim.  Its neutral but different and bold.  So far people like it.  I think :)   Beige and white can get old in my opinion.  

@Ryan Mullin  Looks beautiful. Here's a pic of one of my flips.  I do something similar.  Soft grays are neutral yet, warm and inviting as are warm tans with look great against wood color cabinets and trim.  When painting trim, I prefer an off white color such as Sherwin Williams, "Snowbound". 

We use neutral lighter colors. We usually use 5 gallon buckets for the house. Usually like Valspar 2000 (I do not work for the company). We use a flat beige on the wall, and a semi-gloss white or off white for the trim, kitchen and bathrooms.  

Semi gloss has a chance if being cleaned, flat has no chance

I tend to stick to neutral beige's.  White trim and ceilings 

White on the trim and ceilings and navajo white on the walls.  Done and done.

I  used  a light grey (agreeable grey at Sherwin Williams) on my last flip with white trim.  

Beige for the walls. White trim paint on the trim - unless the trim is some wood stain and looks ok, then we leave as is. Ceiling paint for the ceiling. 

The one thing I like about the beige is that it does a really good job for touch up. If make ready is 2 or 3 years old, we can usually get by with a touch up instead of an entire repaiint. If it gets older than we typically have to paint the wall but we don't have to do the edge as its not really noticeable.

Definitely some exceptions to that rule. But compared to white, its an absolute no brainer. When we first started we were advised by my brother in law (a builder) to use "high hide white". Well, it hid NOTHING.  You can't touch up white for anything. It was a complete repaint and white hides nothing either.

We've had great luck with the beige and while it does get boring, it gets boring for us. But people moving in are pretty happy. They haven't seen it in every house we've ever done. :-)

Walls - Behr Antique White (Eggshell finish)

Ceiling - Behr White Interior Ceiling paint (Flat Finish)

Having a neutral appearance has worked great for me and tenants like it!  I believe the white ceiling and beige colored walls match much better than beige walls and beige ceiling.

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