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I'm new to the real estate market and am trying to find some reliable general contractors that do work in the North Houston area. Before I start getting  into distressed properties I want to feel comfortable with some GC's. What do you  guys think or should I just do the renovation myself. I have a budget of 20k set aside for renovation. All feedback is greatly appreciated..

In my area in Maryland 20K is a little renovation .  More like repairs and painting .  Doing it yourself , you gain experience on what is involved 

In your  opinion at what point should I get a General Contracto involved? 

Hi Timothy,

You can probably handle it yourself if it's a light makeover and freshen up, such as paint, carpets, exterior yard work and cleanup. I'd start thinking about using a GC if there are structural problems, wood rot, mechanical work, either plumbing or electrical, roof work, or more complicated carpentry such as hanging doors, repairing stairs and so on. A good GC can and will bid this work so you know what your in for, preferably before you commit to buying the house. The GC will also be able to do the work more quickly, assuming he is well equipped and has a good crew. If you do hire a GC pay attention to how he runs the job so that you can rehab a future flip yourself.

Best of luck,

Wayne V. You  make a very valid point that I don't believe  I had thought about before. Everything you  and Matthew Paul brought up  will be put into my back pocket. The knowledge  you  guys give is invaluable and surely appreciated.

@Timothy Rinehart  

BP is a treasure chest full of useful resources. You will find resources here from blogs to pod casts and forums. You can also send messages to members which is my favorite part of the website.

@Mark Nolan I completely  agree I'm still trying to effectively use the site. Thanks for posting and I hope from learning a thing or two from you.

@Timothy Rinehart A great listen is podcast 50 Getting Started and No Money Down House Flipping with Mike Simmons.  He brought some good things to make note of when using contractors. A few that I really took note on are: having up to 6 GCs come to view the property and email you quotes, release of lean contracts, and having every transaction signed off on with instructions for said money. That way everyone gets paid and you don't potentially loose your investment. I'malso looking for GCs to have in place when I start investing in flips. 

Glad you enjoyed my interview in ep 50 and got some valuable takeaways@Amber Koontz !! 

Originally posted by @Timothy Rinehart :

In your  opinion at what point should I get a General Contracto involved? 

 When its something you cant figure out or handle

@Mike Simmons Your podcast was very enlightening! (Excuse the typo above👎) I listened to it at work and I had to stop and take notes! Oddly enough someone I know had thousands of dollars worth of tools stolen from the flip site. It was a total loss, but they were able to pickup and finish the job. I actually forgot to include that part on surveillance in my comment, great idea. (Side note, I noticed the Detroit fixation after listening to a few podcasts Lolz. The podcast was very fun and informative!)

I think wayne made a good point you can do alot by your self but I would maybe get a handy man on your first one to help things go smooth and he would know a good carpet installer painter etc A GC will have it done in record time but the saving want be as great if you do it your self.

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