Kitchen Remodels w/ No Hardware

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Looking to get opinions from other rehabbers/flippers in the BP community. I've noticed a consistent trend -in my area- of flipped houses not having hardware/handles on the brand new kitchen cabinets. I couldn't imagine installing a brand new kitchen, granite countertops, new appliances...but leave off the hardware? Does anyone else feel it is an unnecessary spend dollar-for-dollar for the value increase? Or perhaps investors/rehabbers see it as an opportunity for a new buyer to add their own personal touch to the home? 

To be honest, I don't get it. Aside from the positive aesthetic a nice handle/knob creates, I would think just from a functionality standpoint you would want cabinet hardware when showing the property?  

I think it depends on the Price point and on the cabinet style.  For ours we put pulls on the cabinets since most of our flips get the cabinets refinished, but this is a lower price point of $125-$175K and most times they are new home buyers.  I think if you are in a higher price point and you have a more upgraded cabinet/kitchen you can get away without it if that is the clean modern style you are going for.  IMO :-)

For us, it is really just a style choice, it has nothing to do with the cost.  For a more modern sleek cabinet design, you might choose not to have any handles or knobs.