HELP -- Huntsville AL Flipping Laws

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I am underway on my first flip.  This home is a simple paint, floors and kitchen cabinets.  I received a stop work order, and had a inspector walk thru the home.  I am being told that "this amount of work has to be all done by a contract."  Apparently any reno over $250 (labor and materials) I will need to have a general construction permit....Even if this was only painting I'm over $250.

The big sticky point seems to come from the "gutted" kitchen, and installing cabinets.  She is adamant that this MUST be done by a licensed professional.  Also the re-installing toilets (removed for tile demo), and hooking up dishwasher must be done by a licensed plumber/electrician.  

I think my lesson learned is apply for general construction permit with all working cabinets/appliances in the home.

Does anyone have any advice for me on this, as I prepare to meet with her boss this afternoon?  

Thank you all

Advice?  Say okay, do what they require and learn/follow the rules of the building department if you want to be successful in this business. 

Go get the general construction permit. Talk to them. Ask them specific questions. Be receptive. Gain their trust. My experience is that these guys are pretty easy to work with as long as you are playing by their rules. She probably has you pigeon holed as another flipper trying to skirt the code... be the opposite.

I was terrified of permitting when starting out. I expected one road block after another. It wasn't near as bad as what I was expecting.

Let us know how it goes. 

Thanks for the advice @J Scott and Bill Hinshaw.

Turns out it seems they are hammering anyone flipping, to ensure the person in charge has a 'Home Builder's License."  You have to have this in order to pull a permit on a home that you will NOT be living in.  

Since the OP I have spoke with a few other flippers in the area, and none of them have this license BUT admittedly haven't got caught.

Currently I am looking for someone with this license to get the permit, get back to work and finished.

Future I will be getting licensed, to skip this middleman step.

Thanks again.

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