Open concept kitchen or Cabinets?

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Good morning BP,

Could really use some input, doing a flip in Arlington MA. What will be a better selling point, open concept kitchen/living room or a closed off wall to allow for my cabinets in the kitchen? Without the wall there is minimal cabinent room, toying with the idea of putting in glass cantilevered top units that open both from living room and kitchen. 


Even with open concept you should be able to get lower cabinets and a countertop peninsula or island in; then all you are losing are the upper cabinets. 

It depends on the size of the rooms. If the living room and kitchen are both more than 200 SF I would go with the wall and cabinets, if either is less than 100 SF I would go open concept, and in between would depend. And this is just going from not seeing a picture of the space. 

What's already in place? There are compromises where it doesn't have to be either/or. What is your budget? Less cabinets = less money unless you have to spend a lot of cash taking down a wall and fixing what is left behind. 

All things being equal, people will remember wide open spaces more than they will remember no cabinets, unless it's over the top with a lack of cabinets. 

That's a tough one.  Open floor plans are everything these days it seems.  I would look at what other properties that are for sale and houses that sold in the last few months have. Go with what's popular in your area and what you will be competing against when it's time to sell. 


Having not seen the space, it's hard to give an opinion (pics would help). If the cost are low I would go for open concept, if it's a really small kitchen should be cheap to do nice RTA cabinets, maybe 42" uppers? 

Go to HD or Lowe's and get a kitchen design would really help you in your decision with this small space and yes open concept is the trend.  It's also great to visit Realtor "open houses" to keep with current trends of materials and design.

Happy Investing