Bedroom Floors--Vinyl or Carpet?

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I'm rehabbing some properties I own, but this is my first time.  I had selected a floating, interlocking, faux wood plank vinyl flooring for most of the duplex, but had planned to put a matching carpet in the bedrooms.  My realtor recommended using the vinyl flooring throughout the units.  I know I prefer carpet in my own bedroom and assume others do too, but she said using this type of flooring hasn't hurt her rentals.  I plan to keep these as rentals.  What do you think?

P.S.  They are Class B properties that have had no trouble renting.  They currently have vinyl flooring in most of the unit, but carpet in the bedrooms and living room.  I plan on putting vinyl in the living room this time.

My personal preference is vinyl flooring.

They are more durable with little to no upkeep and add a touch of class. 

To you success! 

My preference is vinyl flooring !!!

Tenants can always add their own area rug in bedroom if they want carpet

Definatly vinyl. Keeps down your maintenance costs. Always business first.

Gee, it seems pretty unanimous. I guess I'll go with the vinyl. Thanks for your help!

We've even encountered a good number of prospects (good ones!) who ask about carpets right away. Most that asked preferred NO carpet due to allergies or the odor. Also, with pets, we find it's almost impossible to eliminate the smell once an apartment with carpet has had a pet. I PERSONALLY love carpet. I love being able to lay on the floor, and it just feels cozy to me. I've always felt that way, I'm 52 and have ALWAYS preferred carpet but I think you'll find nearly everyone prefers to not have it. 

I'm with you, @Kenneth LaVoie , I prefer carpet, ESPECIALLY in my bedroom, but as @Thomas S. said, "Always business first."  I'm not good at that, but am trying to get better.  ;-)  As @David G  said, vinyl is cheaper to maintain. And apparently a lot of (weird) people prefer it.  lol  And as @Christian Wathne said, tenants can always add an area rug.  But if I put in carpet, they can't exactly throw down a vinyl or tile floor over it.  I appreciate everyone's help in this decision...including you, @Charan K.   (I didn't want to leave you out of all the tags.  lol)  I'm glad I asked because I was totally going to do carpet.  lol

I agree, go with vinyl in a B property.  There are some great durable affordable options out there.

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