GC or Developer or nothing at all

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My company has flipped several houses. Some of them were bought in my personal name, some in my company name (s-Corp) in the past I have been classified as a Residential Developer and then hired a GC to facilitate the construction components of project. Question: Do I need to to be a developer requiring fees to the state and special insurances or can I simply own the company, own home, pay a contractor(s) to do the work and then sell? I’m in Oregon if that matters. Just trying to streamline my process.

I don't know about Oregon's laws and I'm not a lawyer but I would assume that being a developer has to do with new home construction not flipping and rehabs.  Anyone who knows better please correct me if I'm wrong.

@Neal Collins thx for that. Who do you use for your insurance as a developer? I’m finding that many agencies don’t want to cover Developers and that it is higher premium than a CG insurance plan.