Would you do anything to these cabinets (First Flip)

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I am settling on my first flip next week and am up in the air about the extent I should alter the kitchen. I plan on replacing countertops with granite, but am thinking about leaving the cabinets as they are. Would you alter the cabinets in any way? I plan on making another post with all particulars of property to get other guidance and suggestions. Thanks for any opinions offered!

No way would I touch those cabinets based on your pics and numbers. The counters and backsplash don't work with the color, which has a warm yellow hue. The black appliances are fine; the stainless microwave range hood is somewhat out of place but is not terrible since it has the band of black running through the middle. Your gray hued counters and backsplash is what is throwing this palette off. Also the chrome handles on the cabinets. Whoever picked out styles and colors didn't understand shading (hopefully it wasn't you!).

the grey doesn't go at all.... a natural light stone back splash with  a sign;e strip pattern. and stainless steel appliances.

All of that said find a great interior hard surface decorator and they certainly guide you correctly