Click-lock Flooring In Bathroom?

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Depends on your toilet flange. Some of them screw in, so you can unscrew them enough to slide the new flooring under the flange. Others are glued in place in the pipe, or if they're really old leaded into place and either way have no extension. In that case, you simply buy the appropriate extension and put your flooring in place. Sometimes you can go with just an extension ring. If that won't work, there's a slip-in flange that has a rubber gasket on it that seals it to the existing pipe - I've used these on cast iron before. Usually if you're talking about existing PVC pipe you can just as easy put in a new flange, glue in or rubber gasketed.

In all cases, yes the flange must come up in height to fit level to (or, preferably, just on top of) the new floor. 

Originally posted by @Joshua Hollandsworth :
@JD Martin I plan on buying a new toilet, as I do the flooring. This is my first remodel, so I'm not sure what's all included. I guess I'm just gonna wing it, and figure out what I need after I yank the toilet out 😎 thanks for your help!!

 Good luck! Toilet flanges don't come with the toilet. That's something you have to buy separately.