First flip- buyers inspection

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Hi everyone,

My first flip is under contract in Maryland. We have been marketing for homes in between Baltimore and Annapolis and bought this property in May and we can see the lights at the end of the tunnel!

But, the new buyers inspection came back and we are being asked to replace these porch columns. My team and I are looking for an economical fix w/o replacing the whole column. Possibly repairing just the base and removing current base and building a new base?

There is some slight wood rot as you can see in the pictures below that are from the buyers inspection report. 

Ideas are appreciated. Thank you

Here's a picture to help show a full view: I'd say about 6 feet, and it sits underneath the roof that does have gutters. Not sure why it just rotted there.

I replaced the bottom 2' of columns on my current flip. I simply cut out the old, installed the new and then added a decorative "wrap" around the bottom 3' to cover the seam I created between the old column and new. Photo shows it prior to fairing and painting.

Looking at your photo (which I didn't notice before) I agree with @Rick Pozos . Those look like standard sized easy to find columns. Shouldn't be much to remove and replace.

Mine (described above) were 6" x 6" square about 10'-6" tall with decorative trim top and bottom and tied into the soffit area. Mine are also not load bearing, whereas yours may be? 

@Ken Nyczaj Seal the rot.  Box in the columns.  Leave the existing and "encase" it.  On porches, the trend is on the bigger side now. Easy solution, also looks like you are structurally sound on this one.  I think that's all you have to do.