Hard Money Companies

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Hello, does anyone have any experience with DoHardMoney.com? They are a hard money lender and will finance your deal but they also give you mentoring and systems as well. Gimmick, or the real thing? Any reviews would be great, feel free to PM me as well! Thank you!

Hi Bryan, I'm using Do Hard Money for my first flip and my experience with them so far has been amazing. Make sure you ask any question you have and please make sure you understand exactly how the program works. If I can help you in any way please feel free to contact me. You may hear and read a lot of negative things about them here but my experience has been completely different. The main thing I've discovered is the people who follow their program, accept their help and guidance are successful. The educational tools they have will be a great help to you and have you seen their new software called Investor's Edge yet? It's amazing. Good Luck, you will love working with them

@Bryan Clement It's hard to say if you will find it valuable because we don't know what level of research you've done to improve your knowledge. 

Have you been networking with local investors and learning from all sorts of people within your market? Talking to agents and brokers etc.?

That may be way more valuable to you now than to get into a flip deal and then rely on a program (not saying it's not good, but I think you understand my point).

@Christi Hawkins thank you for the input! I'll be sure to message you if I decide to move forward, seems like you have some good knowledge of their systems.

@Eric Johnson I am currently doing as much of those things as I can cram into my schedule, my main problem right now is finding funding. Always more to learn of course, I just didn't know if there were any operational problems or if they tended to mislead new investors down a one-sided rabbit hole.