Break in prevention for flips and other vacant properties

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Is anyone putting safeguards in place to protect empty properties, especially those with construction going on? We had a break in last night on one of our projects; fortunately, sheet rock is going in and loss was minimal(due to most tools being on another job site). With both damage and stolen items we're probably looking at 1k or less in loss. This is only the second time in several years  a break in has occurred. Any thoughts on prevention?

@Jimmey Green we use lights and cameras as well as signs letting people know there are cameras. You can also use temporary fencing if allowed in your city if it gets really bad.

I heard on a couple of the BP podcasts that they setup a Simply Safe security system.  It's cheap, easy, and you can relocate it to new properties quite easily.

Thanks for the info! I’m looking at some wireless camera systems. It looks like I’ll need to get some sort of WiFi setup at the property. I’m going to reach out to a couple companies and see what the cost for a temporary system looks like as well

@Greg Dickerson the signs stating “cameras in use” are surely a huge deterrent.