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I’m very new here and have started my flipping journey this May. I feel like the process has been somewhat smooth however it seems like there has been some issues regarding what the contractors will provide and what is my responsibility. My question is regarding checks and balances. Can you all recommend any software you use to make sure there is no questions as to what work should be completed and who supplies the material for the work?

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A simple contractor bid form will avoid a lot of confusion if completed correctly at the start of a job, meaning EVERYTHING is spelled out in advance. Any changes to the scope of work during the project should be changed and initialed by all parties.  

I still use this one:


It’s up to you to specify what you want and who you want to supply materials. Some people like to supply the materials themselves others like me do turn key with the contractor and let them supply everything. That is the best method especially if you want to scale your business. 

Originally posted by @Dave E Anthony :

It comes down to having a good scope of work before the contractors place their bids. Here is link to a good source for scopes  https://www.biggerpockets.com/files/user/drobertson/file/sample-contractors-scope-of-work-documents

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Thanks for the recommendation Dave!

My Scope of Work template I have uploaded to my fileplace should be a good starting point for creating a SOW for your Contractors.

Your SOW should detail everything you expect the Contractor to furnish and install on the project to eliminate any confusion or disputes. 

I personally like to provide all of the finish materials (tile, flooring, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures) and have the Contractor provide all rough materials (studs, drywall, mortar, wiring, piping, fittings, etc).  This gives me more control on selecting finishes, but does require more coordination.

If you have the Contractor provide all materials in their bid you will need to have all of your SKUs selected ahead of time and detailed in your SOW.