Landlord insurance for a rental

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who do you guys use for landlord insurance? It is a half duplex. 

@Victoria S.

What is "a half duplex"

I use statefarm for all SFH and duplexes. They are not the best one for 3-units and up.

For all 3-units and up properties I use different providers who can give me a reasonable quote. 

I use USAA, but you have to have been in the military.  (At least you use to, not sure if it is open to all now or not.) 

Half dupkex is just like it sounds...half of a duplex. The other half is owned by someone else. My goal is to buy the other side when it is available. Finding a duplex for sale here is hard. 

I have a number of rentals in KS and MO. Both residential and commercial. I have an umbrella policy for both property and liability. I searched all the major companies as I was with Farmers for years and actually found Acuity to be the most reasonable with great customer service. PM me if you want my brokers name and contact information.

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