Toilet Seats

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I have heard that about several states and don't know for sure but doubt it

I didn't see anything here

Third post mentions a Ma law but nothing to back it up below

Under Massachusetts law rental living spaces that have to adhere to 105 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 410.000: State Sanitary Code Chapter II: Minimum Standards of Fitness for Human Habitation. Repairs must be made to substantial defects that violate these provisions. Every municipality has its own local building and health codes, but these minimum legal occupancy requirements for the state are the threshold that must be met for habitability.

I guess it's possible it could be a local rule

I don't know if it's a law or not, but when I rented an apartment in VA a few years ago they had changed the toilet seats and left the plastic on so we would know they were new.

I researched the cost, and at ~$12 a piece decided to do it when my rentals turned over in NC. It's only a few bucks but shows prospective tenants they've getting a thoughtful landlord. I'm sure to point it out during walk throughs and usually get a response of 'good' or 'nice'.

Let us know what you find out about it being a law.

I agree that it's a nice touch at not much expense but I don't want my PM doing it and then telling me it's the law if it's not. It's been a bad turn over this time, a lot of expense.

That doesn't make sense. If that were law (state or local), hotels would have to change toilet seats between guests. I'm all for sanitation, but that's pretty far out.

If you've got a PM telling you something is law and can't back it up by citing the code or by directing you to more info, I'd get a new PM.

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