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Hello BP Community,

Unfortunately, I was all registered to attend Note Expo when a work situation arose and I had to cancel.

I live in the NY / NJ Metro area and I was curious if there were other note conferences in the future and if they might be on the east coast.

In addition, are there note investor groups - similar to an REIA- around ?

Thank you,

Hi in a gruop thst meets about once a month in thr NY metro area...its basically to meet face to face so you can get a feel for who you are dealing with because the nature of this type of business, the majority of our interactions are done remotely, as I'm sure you are well aware of. I'll put up a link shortly.  There are also a few other groups that meet as well.

I haven't gone in a while but Nick Tang was organizing this sort of conferences regularly in your area. Look it up.


There is, try meetups in your area. In addition, I was at Scott Carson's VNFD seminar last weekend and there were some NJ/NY attendees. They were getting a meetup together. I'll find out and post again. 

I am a member if several in Austin/Houston.


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