Brrrr strategy with notes

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Not sure I understand what you are thinking. If you own a note, you own the loan. You have no right to do anything with the property. Unless there is a default, you will not gain access or otherwise take title.

@Bradley Ritter

If I understand the question - yes. But it’s not a main focus of business.

If there are properties I take back recently I started considered rehabbing and renting (and refinancing). Still technically have not completed on yet but working on a few.

Like I said I only get back less than 10% of properties from notes I buy so it’s an ancillary side of the business.

Is this what you were referring too?

The only Brrr I can think is Buying performing at 60%-65% of UPB and Refinance with a Partial sale at 100% of upb same amount as your purchase price. you will end up with a BRPR .... (Buy Refinance Partial Repeat)

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