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To say that the Coronavirus has had an impact on the economy is an understatement . As the mortgage industry 

tightens up its lending standards in response to rising unemployment rates, 

home sellers may find themselves having 

to look towards owner financing as a means of making their properties accessible to 

more potential buyers. Fortunately in those 

situations selling real estate notes can 

prove to be a profitable solution for home

sellers and investors alike.  .  .

@Marcus Brooks

Where are you seeing increased unemployment? Most major metropolitan areas have job shortages right now.

While covid will have an impact on housing, and there will most likely be a lot of evictions (since many states wouldn’t allow them) send an uptick in BK filings, if rates stay low it’s still an opportunity for investors to borrow at low rates for long term investments

I don’t see sellers needing to offer seller financing to sell their homes. If they Did offer seller financing and then turned around to sell the note, the discount on the note, at least 10%, would be more than if they just sold for a lower price to someone with a loan.