Duluth, MN REIA

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I recently moved to the Duluth, MN area from the Twin Cities. I have not found any real estate groups while searching online so I'm wondering if anybody in the BiggerPockets community knows of any meetups in the Duluth area? I sold my properties in the Twin Cities upon moving and am looking to reinvest the profits in the Duluth area. Thanks!

Hi Matt, I am an investor in the Duluth MN area. There is no rei groups here. The closest one is in the cities. MnReia, as you probably are aware of.

Hi Matt,

I'm an out of state investor consolidating our portfolio in , MN.

I'm not aware of a local group but am certain there are several investors up there based on the all cash competition bidding on investment properties.

Hi Matt,  

I'm a Realtor in Duluth (originally from the Twin Cities) with a few properties of my own.  If you'd like to chat about the current market over coffee sometime, I'd be happy to.

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