Any St. Louis Investors?

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I am a Real Estate Investor in OFallon IL.  I am concentrating on St. Louis MO and OFallon IL for Real Estate.  If there are any local private equity investors out there please let me know as my marketing campaign is starting to generate leads.  I am also looking for someone to learn more from or partner up with.

If a St. Louis BP meet-up exist please let me know.

Hey Kenneth, welcome to BP! I don't know of a BP-specific meet up but there are a few real estate meetups that bring together folks who are on BP. I host one myself every month, which I call St Louis Real Estate Investors Meetup. We meet the second Tuesday of every month for our "Dinner With a Mentor" event at O'Leary's Restaurant and you're more than welcome to join us.

Peter MacKercher, Real Estate Agent in MO (#2010004223)
(314) 210-4414

Ryan, I'm a wholesaler/rehabber/buy and hold in St. Louis. I'm always marketing great deals and continue to build my buyers list. If you are still buying in St. Louis, please contact me and we can discuss specifics.

David Beckley, Real Estate Agent in MO (#2015041032)
(314) 262-9482

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